Welcome to my classroom page! This is where you will find relevant information regarding my classes this year.
I absolutely love teaching 8th grade. I have a passion for this age that many people think I'm crazy for.  I have taught in Coloma since 2004.  
My favorite subject to teach is math. I love when kids finally "get it" the "ah ha" moment that only comes in math.  This feeling of success is my motivation to keep doing what I'm doing.  I also teach a few science classes.  It's fun to link the two subjects together since they are so closely related.  
At home, I have four children.  We spend our free time being extremely active, hiking, camping, traveling.  We also live on a farm and help during the summer months. 
Beyond teaching and farming, I also coach cross country and track.  Coaching gives me an opportunity to know the kids on a different level and beyond the walls of the classroom.  It's so fun to be able to watch former students grow as they leave the Junior High and enter High School.  
Thank you for putting your trust in me and Coloma Schools to educate your child!  I'm a firm believer education is a team effort between school and home.
I'm always available if you need to reach me.